The talent war is on. Companies are willing to pay top dollars for the best of the best. But the expectations are also higher — starting with the recruiting process. First and foremost, resumes are practically dead. Your online footprint is more important than your resumes. If anyone ever asks me for my resume, I would just redirect them to my LinkedIn profile. It is more accurate than anything I can write in a one-pager. Recruiters do not just post a job description and wait anymore. They go on a hunt. I have yet to see a technical recruiter that does not get on Github and Bitbucket, or use services of companies such as Dice to find a talent before even contacting them to apply for a position. Candidates are quickly filtered based on their hard-skills. Bots can crawl through our LinkedIn profile and quickly find what skills we have and do not have. Candidates can take assessments to prove their technical skills directly on most job-boards. These assessments could be as simple as answering a few multiple choice questions or as complicated as writing a paragraph (for content marketing positions) and a piece of code (for technical roles). The bots can even grade most of such tests without the interference of recruiters.

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Hello, my name is HARRI — I am your interviewer.
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