PF Warriors April Meeting

April 8, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
UT Southwestern, William P. Clements Hospital
6201 Harry Hines Blvd
TX 75390
Bill Vick

PF Warriors of North Texas invites you to attend:

An Overview of Interstitial Lung Disease with
Dr. Craig Glazer and Dr. Christine Garcia of UTSW

Don’t miss this important program!

You will learn –
– The various forms of Interstitial lung disease (ILD)
–  Successful treatment options including new clinical trial information
–  Genetic and genomic studies being performed at UTSW

You will enjoy meeting other patients and caregivers like you who are dealing with ILD, and have the opportunity to ask the doctors or others your questions.

Refreshments provided by UTSW

Valet parking and parking vouchers available

Dr. Christine Kim Garcia received both her medical and graduate degrees from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 1996 and is currently a Professor of Internal Medicine and a member of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. She cares for patients seen in the UT Southwestern Advanced Lung Disease Clinic, Clements University Hospital and Parkland Memorial Hospital.

She is also a member of the Eugene McDermott Center for Human Growth and Development. She directs a research laboratory that focuses on defining the genetic underpinnings of adult-onset lung disease. Her laboratory has discovered rare mutations in different genes that lead to inherited forms of interstitial lung disease. These discoveries have highlighted the link between idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), aging and telomere dysfunction. She is a member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation.

Dr. Craig Glazer, M.D., Pulmonologist, compares interstitial lung diseases (ILDs) ­– a grouping of hundreds of diseases that involve the deep tissue in the lungs – to puzzles that are difficult to solve.

We have the advanced training to treat complex interstitial lung diseases.”
Information he gathers from detailed histories, exams, and X-rays need to be pieced together correctly to understand the nature of the problem – and to determine the right course of treatment. It’s that challenge that spurs Dr. Glazer to help patients with ILDs.

The correct diagnosis can make all the difference. Dr. Glazer remembers one patient who had been told that he had idiopathic pulmonary disease, which is usually a fatal illness without any known treatments. But Dr. Glazer found that the patient had a different interstitial disease called hypersensitivity pneumonitis, which was treatable.

“After we made the correct diagnosis and we removed the exposure that caused the disease, he completely recovered,” Dr. Glazer says.

Dr. Glazer takes pride in being part of the Interstitial Lung Disease Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center. The Program is the only one in the region that brings together experts with advanced training in the plethora of potential ILDs, with each physician specializing in a different area.

Dr. Glazer, for example, specializes in occupational and environmental ILDs. These include asbestosis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, silicosis, and other lung diseases caused by something patients inhaled at work or in the home.

In addition to his work with patients, Dr. Glazer takes great pride in teaching the next generation of pulmonologists. He works with internal medicine residents and pulmonology fellows at UT Southwestern’s hospitals to help them learn to solve ILDs’ complex riddles.

Dr. Craig Glazer is a pulmonologist in Dallas, Texas and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Parkland Memorial Hospital and UT Southwestern Medical Center. He received his medical degree from University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Glazer accepts several types of health insurance, listed below. He is one of 10 doctors at Parkland Memorial Hospital and one of 31 at UT Southwestern Medical Center who specialize in Pulmonary Disease.