Join Us… #dallas #IPF

{{37449693__COL$B}}, Thank you for becoming part of our PF Warriors Virtual meetings.

This means you will be able to attend and participate in a PF Warrior meeting from the comfort of your own home, or anyplace for that matter with an Internet connection. Using your computer, iPad or Smartphone you will be able to dial into a meeting and watch, listen, ask questions or make comments much like actually being in the meeting. You will meet other PF Warriors, listen to speakers or participate in special interest groups just like you are there – except you’ll be on your computer. You can participate with our without video so no need to worry about how you look or where you’re at.

This means those unable to attend our regular meetings will be able to participate in a virtual meeting but to do so you will need to take a few steps.

First – watch this short video on using the Zoom video conference platform. It’s really easy to set up and use as this video will show.

If you’re using a smartphone or iPad please download the free Zoom app from either the iTunes store or the Google Play store.

We will hold an ‘open call’ on the fourth Thursday of each month where you can call in and test your computer or device and talk with and meet other PF Warriors. The link to use to call is

If you need one on one help please book a short meeting with me at

I’m looking forward to our call {{37449693__COL$B}} and please call or drop me a note with any questions or comments.


Bill Vick