Not a happy topic for any of us but one that we do need to be open about. I found this meaningful. Andrew Kneier, a clinical psychologist who works with cancer patients, shares that often the dying want to speak of what is happening to them, but that their friends and loved ones don’t give them the space to do so, urging them to remain positive and hopeful, and “fight.” In a study he performed at the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center, which he discusses in his book Finding Your Way Through Cancer, he was able to discern six main factors continuously mentioned by his patients as they came to terms with their impending deaths: Gratitude for their lives and positive experiences Pride in accomplishments Faith or spirituality Making changes in order to be more at peace when death comes Their legacy, or positive contributions to others Loving and being loved

You’re Going to Die, Here’s How to Deal With It
Aside from birth, the only other thing that is guaranteed to happen to every single person on the planet is death. No exceptions, no way around it. Your own death aside, chances are good that you will be affected by deaths of loved ones and most likely have to plan a funeral or two before your own c…
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