As patients and caregivers, we are extremely interested in what makes an outlier. How are outliers able to perform at such high levels? There are three categories that we hope to address to help us understand what outliers are doing differently which are physical, emotional and spiritual.


  • What is your diagnosis?
  • Upon receiving the diagnosis, did you radically change anything in your lifestyles like your diet or supplements or exercise program?
  • What are you doing differently?
  • What medications are you taking?
  • Were you always a high performing athlete?
  • Do you have any theory about what might have caused your PF (other than familial)? For example, many environmental contaminants or inflammatory diseases can cause PF, but all people who have these don’t get PF.
  • Since you are operating at such high physical levels now, do you have any theory about what helps you do so? Could it be something in your DNA that helps?


  • Before your diagnosis, did you have any extraordinary stresses you were experiencing or any ongoing stress that could have been taking a toll on your health?
  • Do you have a good support system of family, friends, healthcare professionals that you believe help you stay emotionally centered?
  • How do they bring positive energy to you?
  • Have you had to remove any friends/acquaintances from your circle because they brought negative energy to you?
  • Have you had any particular emotional experience that made a big impact on you (either positive or negative)?
  • Do you believe in a mind-body connection? Why?


  • Some people have experienced various forms of miraculous healing or a meditative peace or energy from the universe calling upon their higher power, or the God of their belief system. Have you ever had such an experience? Do you meditate, pray, do yoga, Qigong, or other spiritual technique?
  • Some patients find music, art, animals, nature walks helpful for their spiritual wellbeing. Do any of these help you? How?
  • Do you have a spiritual practice that lifts you up to a higher realm that you can discuss?
  • Did you change any of your thoughts or beliefs in order to cope better with PF?
  • Many outstanding athletes use the power of visualization to achieve outstanding results. Do you do this?
  • Can you describe what it is within you that caused you to fight PF and physically excel beyond what others are achieving? Is there something in your belief system that supports your will to fight PF?
  • How did you develop this belief system? Is it a family trait, cultural, or have your various life experiences led you to where you are now?
    Do you have strong reasons for living?